Below are three classic bar options for weddings and events. The Sparkling Toast – for guest arrival or immediately following the ceremony. The Cocktail Hour – offers select refreshments chosen by the couple, bridging the ceremony and reception. This is the classic option while the couple and wedding party capture those special moments with their photographer. The Reception – the main bar for the evening with package options listed below under Reception Packages.

*Special Pricing* – If you are interested in all three selections: Sparkling Toast, Cocktail Hour and one of our Reception Packages we can offer you special pricing for going “All-Inclusive”.


Greet your guests with a glass of local Nova Scotia bubbles as they arrive or celebrate tying the knot with a sparkling toast following your ceremony.

Sparkling toast includes: local Lightfoot & Wolfville Bubbly White , non-alcoholic sparkling for non-drinkers and stemmed flutes.

Sparkling toasts start at $18.00 per person.

Lightfoot Bubbly White


While you are with your photographer capturing those special moments, allow us to entertain your guests with two customized craft cocktails selected by the couple.

All cocktail hours include:

  • All alcohol based on selected cocktails
  • 2 hours of service
  • 2 craft cocktails
  • non-alcoholic beverages
  • drink ice
  • glassware*
  • paper straws & bar toolkit
  • water station
  • DECOR: wooden barrels, festive lighting, light up BAR sign, green garland and two white flower bouquets.

Open Cocktail Hour starting at $50.00 per person.


All reception bars include:

  • All Alcohol based on selected package
  • 4 hours of service
  • non-alcoholic beverages
  • drink ice
  • glassware* for the bar (does not include water glasses or table glasses),
  • paper straws, bar toolkit,
  • water station
  • DECOR: wooden barrels, festive lighting and light up BAR sign, green garland and two white flower bouquets.

Reception Packages

THE LOCAL LUXURY: Local Beer or Cider, Local Wine, Local Spirits
Because we want to support you in supporting local, this package includes complementary Lightfoot & Wolfville Bubbly Sparkling Toast.

Local Annapolis Valley Beer (355ml): Church Brewing Congregation Pilsner / Horton Ridge Malt House / Sea Level Brewing OR
Local Annapolis Valley Cider: Annapolis Cider Company / Maritime Express Cider Company
Wine: Local Annapolis Valley Wineries: L’Acadie, Benjamin Bridge, Gaspereau, Lightfoot & Wolfville, Luckett, Blomidon, Planter’s Ridge, Grand Pre, Mercator, Avondale Sky, Church Street
Local Annapolis Valley Spirits: Barrelling Tide: Tide Gin, Tide Vodka, Fathom 5 Dark Rum, Tidal Run White, Caldera Hurricane 5 Whiskey.

Local selections starting at $100.00 per person.
THE SPIRIT BAR: Spirits Only
(Vodka, Gin, White Rum, Dark Rum, Whisky)

Standard (ie.Smirnoff)
Top Shelf (ie.Grey Goose) or

Standard packages starting at $60.00 per person.
THE BEER & WINE BAR: Beer and wine only, no spirits included
Beer: Domestic (ie.Bud Light), Import (ie.Stella), OR LOCAL

Wine: Domestic (ie.Jackson Triggs), Import (ie.Alamos),
OR LOCAL (ie.Tidal Bay)

Domestic package starting at $40.00 per person.
THE FULL BAR: Spirits, Beer & Wine (Does not include sparkling toast)
*This bar is a combination of the above: Spirit Bar & Beer & Wine Bar.

Standard/Domestic packages starting at $90.00 per person.

*Glassware styles may change due to availability, so book early. Glassware availability is limited, if you would like full glassware for your event additional rental charges will apply and will be based on availabiliy.

*Additional charged for broken glassware will apply.

Glassware styles: stemmed red wine glass, stemmed white wine glass, stemmed flute, stemmed water/beer glass, collins glass and/or rocks glass (both used for mixed drinks)