The following lists cover some, but not all, local Nova Scotian Producers. If you are interested in a local package take a look at some of the local producers below.

We are happy to work with you to build a custom package. Choose a winery, distillery and/or brewer and we will be happy to put a package together for you.  

Wine: We recommend a choice of Red, Rose, White or Sparkling.

  • Avondale Sky
  • Benjamin Bridge Winery 
  • Blomidon Vineyards 
  • Gaspereau Vineyards
  • Grand Pre Wines 
  • L’Acadie Vineyards 
  • Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards
  • Luckette Vineyards
  • Mercator Vineyards
  • Planter’s Ridge Winery

Spirits  (We recommend vodka, gin, rum (white, spiced and/or dark) and whiskey)

  • Barrelling Tide Distillery
  • Caldera Distilling
  • Coldstream Clear
  • Compass Distillers
  • Ironworks Distillery
  • N.S. Spirit Co.
  • Raging Crow Distillery
  • Steinhart Distillery
  • Still Fired Distillery

Beer OR Cider

  • Church Brewing “Congregation Pilsner”
  • Horton Ridge Malt House “The Original”
  • Sea Level Brewing “Blue Heron” E.S.B
  • Annapolis Cider Co. “Crip & Dry”
  • Maritime Express “Dayliner” Cider